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February 19-22, 2020 


Planet Deep South ATL2020  

“Digital Humanities, Speculative Cultural Production and Africanisms in the American and Global South” 


Planet Deep South is an interdisciplinary conference open to all scholars, artists, and students who explore the intellectual and creative expression of African people through a series of presentations and panel discussions designed to inspire the inquiry of Africana cultural production through a digital, historical and speculative lens.   


Day One - Wednesday, February 19:

AUC Robert W. Woodruff Library-Exhibition Hall 

111 James P. Brawley Drive SW, Atlanta, GA 30314 


8:30am – 9:30am -  Registration (Coffee, Tea, Pastries provided)


9:30am – 9:50am -  Welcome (opening remarks/logistics) Rico Chapman and                       Clint Fluker


10:00am-11:15am -  Session I  - Opening Plenary- Towards an Afrofuturist                     Studies: Aims & Approaches in Black Speculative                           Research & Pedagogy  


                   Presenters: Reynaldo Anderson (Harris-Stowe State                         University), Jennifer Marie Brissett (Southern New                         Hampshire University), Kinitra Brooks (Michigan State                     University), John Jennings (University of California-                     Riverside), Isiah Lavender III (University of                             Georgia), and Susana Morris (Georgia Tech)


11:20am-11:50am -  Gallery/Lab Tours


12:00pm-12:50pm -  Exhibition/Book Talk – The Alchemist’s Notebook: The                       Satire, Remixes and Haunts of Black Kirby/The Black                       Speculative Arts Movement: Black Futurity, Art +                           Design– Clint Fluker (AUC Woodruff Library) and Stacey                     Robinson (Harvard-Nasir Jones Hip Hop Fellow),                             Discussant-Brea Stevenson (Clark Atlanta University)


1:00pm-1:50pm  -  Keynote Luncheon – Sequential Sankofa:  Black Comix,                      Afrofuturism and Digital Design Fiction(s) - John                          Jennings (University of California-Riverside)


2:00pm-3:15pm  -  Session II – Re-Examining the Futurism of Identity,                        Memory, and Religion – David Akombo, Mario Azevedo,                        Lisa Beckley-Roberts, Siddig Fageir, Leniece Smith, and                    RaShelle Smith-Spears (Jackson State University)


3:20pm-3:50pm  -  Gallery/Lab Tours


4:00pm – 5:15pm - Session III – Spiritual Roots and Routes of                                Afrofuturism – Sonja Andrews (Clark Atlanta                                University), Anthony D. Boynton, II, Sandra Jacobo,                        and Christopher Peace (The University of Kansas)


Day Two -Thursday, February 20:

Georgia Institute of Technology-Student Center Ballroom 

350 Ferst Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30332 

8:30am-9:00am  -  Registration (Coffee, Tea, Pastries provided)


9:00am-9:20am  -  Welcome remarks/logistics – Susana Morris 


9:30am-10:45am -  Session IV – Black Speculative Organizing at the Local                    Level - Shannon Theus (Transmedia Artist), Dacia Polk                      (Independent Artist), and Reynaldo Anderson (Harris                        Stowe University)


11:00am-12:00pm - Book Talk – Distributed Blackness: African American                        Cyber Cultures-Andre Brock, Jr. (Georgia Institute of                      Technology)


12:15pm-1:15pm  - Keynote Luncheon - Narrative, Orality, and                                Improvisation Research Outcomes of the MIT Center for                      Advanced Virtuality – D. Fox Harrell (Massachusetts                        Institute of Technology)


1:30pm-2:45pm  - Session V- What is Black Media Studies and What is it                     Doing at an Institute of Technology? – Susana Morris,                     Joycelyn Wilson, and John Thornton (Georgia Tech)


3:00pm-4:15pm  - Session VI - The Black Fantastic in Young Adult Fiction

                 Matthew Teutsch (Piedmont College), Marcus Haynes (Clark                   Atlanta University), Violette Meier (Independent Author                   & Publisher), and RaShell Smith-Spears (Jackson State                     University)  


4:30pm –5:00pm - GA Tech Gallery/ Lab Tours


6:00pm –9:00pm - Reception - Meet the Authors (For Keeps Bookstore, 171                     Auburn Avenue, NE, 30303)


Day Three – Friday, Feb. 21:

AUC Robert W. Woodruff Library-Exhibition Hall 

111 James P. Brawley Drive SW, Atlanta, GA 30314 

8:00am-8:50am  - Registration - Coffee/Pastries


9:00am-10:50am - Session VII – Hip Hop, Popular Culture & The Future of                     HBCU’s – Regina Bradley (Kennesaw State University),                       Charles Clark III (State University of New York-                           Cooperstown), Jalisa Jones (Clark Atlanta University),                     and Courtney Terry (Clark Atlanta University)


11:00am-11:50pm - Book Talk – The Lemonade Reader-Kinitra Brooks                           (Michigan State University), Discussant-Donielle                           "PacePoetry" Pace (Clark Atlanta University)


12:00pm-12:50pm - CAU Keynote Luncheon – Afrofuturism: A Practice in                        Creativity and World Building - Ytasha Womack                              (Independent Author and Filmmaker)


1:00pm-2:15pm  - Session VIII – Afrofuturistic Worldbuilding, Reparations                   and Critical Posthumanism – Jennifer Marie Brissett                       (Southern New Hampshire University), Robert Brown                         (Morehouse College), and Tanya Clark (Morehouse College)

2:20pm-2:50pm  - Gallery/Lab Tours


3:00pm-3:50pm  - Session IX – The 20th Anniversary of Stankonia- Regina                     Bradley (Kennesaw State University)


4:00pm –5:15pm - Session X – Steamfunk, Rococoa and Dieselfunk:                             Afrofuturism’s Exploration of the Past – Balogun                           Ojetade, Milton Davis, Valjeanne Jeffers, and Gerald                       Coleman (Independent Scholars)


6:30pm-8:30pm  - Closing Plenary – The New Jim Code? Race, Carceral                         Technoscience, and Liberatory Imagination in Everyday                     Life - Ruha Benjamin (Princeton University) – Spelman                     College, 350 Spelman Lane SW, Atlanta, GA 30314 -                         Sisters Chapel


10:00pm -Until - Planet Deep South – Meet-up (TBA)


Day Four – Saturday, Feb. 22: 

AUC Robert W. Woodruff Library-Exhibition Hall 

111 James P. Brawley Drive SW, Atlanta, GA 30314 

9:00am-11:00am - Closing Session –Planet Deep South Next Steps - Tentative


9:00am-5:00pm  - Atlanta City Tours (tentative)

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